This morning, I slipped in the bathtub. Miraculously, my toe got caught in the foot mat and I didn’t hit my head. In that moment, I remembered the horror stories of people falling. Guided by the soundtrack of my daughter’s wail for attention outside the bathroom door, I said to myself "She’ll be fine, Take it easy, and Stay Alive".

Dear New Mum, Stay Alive.

Take care of yourself, so that when you are with your baby (who’s totally dependent on you), you’ll have the patience and energy to take care of her.

Forgive your baby if he cries a…

People often ask how they can stand out with their personal brand.

It’s not that difficult to stand out. Most people are not doing the work.

Most people have not devoted the time to know who they really are.

Most people are not intentional about how they present their talent.

Most people can’t explain what they’re about in a simple sentence.

Most people are waiting for someone else to come and promote them.

Most people don’t follow up when they meet new people.

Most people like to copy others without trying to understand the principle behind what they’re doing.


Start building your online presence

Whether you are a banker, barrister or barista, you need to network and create influence via the internet, and that’s why you need a solid online presence. In this digital age, without a solid online presence, you will struggle to remain visible and connected.

It is a continuous process that takes time and dedication, and for some people, it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why I wrote this post. Use the following 6 steps as a guide to start building your own solid, online presence.

ONE: Stop and Think about your online presence

If you are a millennial, you never really had to think…

Tolu Michaels

Personal Brand Strategist & Educator at | Collector of handwritten notes & pretty stationery

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